The Meelo portal:
A recommendation at a glance!

Obtain a grant recommendation (complementary to the human analysis)

All Meelo products at your fingertips to make your decision in just a few minutes

Reduce the risk of fraud by 4 thanks to plug and play

Centralise documents and carry out the various checks

of companies

report at least
one fraud attempt in 2022

reliability data

allow us to
effectively monitor the profiles

Optimise the working time of your teams

All documents and checks are posted and alerts are escalated.


Make your teams' daily lives easier

Our decision support portal allows you to use the Meelo products necessary for the proper verification and certification of the customer who is contacting you.

Score Fraud, Identity Certification, Open Banking, Documentary Verification… Meelo products at your fingertips with minimal technical integration.

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Open Data

Meelo score

The decision support portal
in a nutshell

Meelo offers you solutions to facilitate the daily work of your teams in the fight against fraud and non-payment risks.

To this end, we have grouped all our analysis tools in a centralised decision support portal.

This allows you to check and give you a recommendation for a decision in a few minutes.

Fraud Score, Credit Analysis, Identity Certification, Open Banking, Document Verification… Find all Meelo products with minimal technical integration. All documents and verification that have been made are displayed. Alerts are escalated to optimise your teams' time.