Reinforced security in Open Finance.

RELEASE NOTE September 2023

Improve our products to secure your financial transactions and avoid losses due to fraud and non-payment Discover the new features and improvements that will make it possible to identify fraud attempts and the risk of non-payment even more quickly. B2B FRAUD ANALYSIS: new controls available to identify

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Meelo fights against fraud in the automotive sector

“The solvency of buyers and the authenticity of supporting documents are key elements in automobile financing files. Maxence Pruvost, Head of Sales at Meelo, explains to us how our solution helps prevent fraud while considerably reducing file processing time. »

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Documentary Fraud: How Finovox and Meelo make the difference

Finovox x Meelo: a partnership in the fight against fraud

“Finovox is a French start-up specializing in the detection of false documents. The Finovox solution reduces the risk of document fraud by 6 by instantly analyzing and verifying the authenticity of any type of document, whether it is standardized or not. It is therefore quite natural that Meelo and Finovox have found effective synergies to combat fraud and the risk of non-payment.

Explanations through the cross interview with Marc de Beaucorps, CEO of Finovox and Maxence Pruvost, Head Of Sales at Meelo. »

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Label B Corp

Meelo, on the way to B Corp certification

Companies are increasingly aware of the importance of adopting responsible and sustainable business practices.
It is in this context that BCorp certification emerged, an approach that imposes high standards of social and environmental performance on companies.
Embarking on a BCorp certification process goes far beyond simple recognition, it involves a profound transformation of the company and taking responsibility towards its employees, the community and the environment. . This article explores the major implications for Meelo deciding in 2023 to take this important step towards a more responsible and committed business model.

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Money 20/20 Amsterdam 2023: The highlights of the show

The Money 20/20 show is one of the most anticipated events in the financial and technology industry. The next edition will be held in Amsterdam in 2023 and will be an opportunity for attendees to discover the latest trends, cutting-edge technologies and meet thought leaders in the sector.

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