Fighting fraud is a matter for all companies

Fraud is becoming more democratic and professional.

In recent years, the techniques of fraudsters have evolved significantly due, in particular, to the digitalization of customer journeys.

In 2022, 70% of companies were victims of attempted fraud. It is therefore a real risk and far from being anecdotal that can hinder the progress of your growth. It affects identity, financial fraud, documents but also bank accounts. Meelo offers you all the solutions to fight against this phenomenon.


A complete solution to detect fraud

Fraud detection must be done upon receipt of the elements, in real time and in a systematic way . Automating controls becomes the only solution.

And this is where a fraud detection solution compatible with your tools proves necessary to not only block fraudsters, and above all to avoid wasting time on bad files.

Meelo meets your needs with just one connection. Our algorithm, based on artificial intelligence and open data, verifies in real time that the customer's data is consistent with his identity (address, email, telephone, date of birth, etc.) and whether the documents (salary slips, identity papers, bank statements, etc. have not been falsified.


Fraud is legally defined as deception or evasion of the law in order to obtain a benefit or consent that would not have been obtained if the rules of law had been followed.

There are many types of fraud that businesses fall victim to.

  • Identity Fraud:

Identity theft consists of obtaining the identity of another person, namely personal information with the intention of using it to obtain credit, for example.

  • Creation or reactivation of fake companies:

The creation of companies for the sole purpose of making people believe in a comfortable situation and obtaining one or more financing. Meelo tracks the inconsistency of information: filing of several simultaneous balance sheets, recent domain name of the company, change of management, reactivation after a period of inactivity... the challenge is to automate these checks as much as possible so as not to miss an alert.

  • Document fraud:

It is a type of fraud that refers to the alteration or creation of false documents.

Several practices:

– Counterfeiting: Document forgery consists of reproducing an identity document.

– Falsification: This is an original document, to which one or more elements have been modified. The falsification of a document can concern its date of validity, the mentions of identity or even the photograph.

Fraud is a major issue for companies. The rise of dematerialised images and access to editing software has a huge impact on its growth.

Fraud is mainly related to the falsification of documents or identity fraud (known as identity theft). Forgery and use of false documents (identity documents, pay slips, tax notices, etc.). In doing so, it affects all types of organisations: retailers, e-commerce sites, banks and insurance companies, public bodies, etc.

Artificial intelligence and the rise of blockchain have opened up great opportunities to fight fraud.

Meelo offers you solutions to analyze the authenticity and consistency of documents.

Documents such as salary slips, invoices, etc. are anchored in the blockchain, which forms a library of digital footprints. These elements can be consulted in real time. Thanks to these technological advances, you can certify the authenticity of a document in a few seconds.

Meelo works on identity and documentary fraud. Thanks to our plug and play , we reduce the cost of risk by 4 on average.

The combination of artificial intelligence and open data allows our algorithm to check the consistency of the client's data in real time. At the same time, we check whether the documents submitted (pay slips, identity papers, bank statements, etc.) have not been falsified.

Meelo offers you a complete solution to meet your fraud needs.

We offer you a solution dedicated to :

  • Identity fraud: Ensuring that the customer who enters into a relationship with you is who he claims to be by analyzing the consistency of his data (email, telephone, history, seniority, etc.)
  • Documentary fraud: Check that documents have not been altered and analyze the information present automatically and in real time thanks to our technologies combining OCR and artificial intelligence

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Identity fraud

Ensure that the customer who contacts you is who they say they are.

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Document fraud

Verify that documents have not been altered and analyse the information present automatically and in real time.

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