Identity fraud:
Validate your customer in 2 seconds!

Check customer data in real time and consistency with their identity
(address, email, telephone, date of birth)

A solution to verify the identity of the client and the conformity of the documents

Reduce the risk of fraud by 4 thanks to plug and play

Reduce the risk of fraud by 4

of companies

report at least
one fraud attempt in 2022

reliability data

allow us to
effectively monitor the profiles

Detecting and blocking fraudulent profiles

A turnkey solution or modules interrogated through APIs

Score fraud :

How does it work ?

Meelo collects basic identity data, enriches with more than 400 data found in open data and transmits a fraud risk prediction score. All in less than 2 seconds . The perfect tool to avoid any fraud or identity theft during the process of entering into a relationship with the customer.
Last name First name  Phone Email

Open Data

Meelo score

The fight against identity fraud
in practice

Meelo combines big data analysis with other technologies to optimise the fight against identity fraud :

  • rules and scores (risk limits and statistics)
  • machine learning? these are algorithms of constant improvement of analysis tools
  • digital identity scores
  • certification of data by trusted third parties who already know the customers

Our algorithm works through the combination of artificial intelligence and open data. It checks in real time that the customer's data is consistent with his identity.

The Score Fraud solution checks the customer's profile and assigns a reliability score based on more than 400 data. The algorithm is able to collect and analyse the information that customers leave available on the web to verify consistency with what is declared. Machine learning allows fraud to be identified before it occurs.