Building a fairer world
of funding for all

Meelo offers the most reliable and comprehensive SAAS solution on the market to qualify the actual financing capabilities of each buyer in all transaction context.

Our mission

As a forerunner in simple, fair and sustainable solutions, Meelo makes new consumption methods accessible to as many people as possible and secures customer paths that protect companies and individuals.

Your vision

Data for

perfect and risk-free journey

Our ambition is to offer a solution capable of analysing financing capacities in the most complete and reliable way possible . And this is one via an approach based on the actual behavior of the profile which is detached from theoretical data (salary, contract, etc.).

Thanks to AI and open data coupled with our business expertise, we make transactions fairer and less risky for both the company and the customer. All our actions are carried out in the strictest respect of the GDPR.

(Read Meelo's GDPR Policy )

Improve user experience and conversion rate

Detecting identity fraud, document and credit analysis… these are juste some of the issues we address with our plug and play solution

Using AI and open data, our algorithm is able to identify customers and predict their behavior in real time by assigning a reliability score.

A score that facilitates the day-to-day work of your sales teams, complementing human analysis to gain consistency and efficiency in decision-making.

Ideal for accelerating your growth and securing transactions.

A tailor-made project
adapted to your business problems

Each project is designed according to your needs and adapted to the specificities of your activity and the profile of each client. We adapt to your deadlines.

A model trained on over 5 million data


Calculate and assign a credit score in seconds


Analysing data rewards virtuous financial behavior


Qualify requests according to the economic reality of the client

Spot fake profiles
and improve the customer experience

Transactions per month
Fraud avoided
Risk at equivalent production