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The Meelo's rule engine evaluates in real-time the customers' profile, and personalizes their sales tunnel. We customize your engine with a combination of solutions, data and processes.

Meelo brings together the best of techno and data
to enable you to welcome right customers


Basket Data

We analyze the shopping basket contents, the purchase time, the delivery type ; but also the hidden data: input time, copy-paste usage, IP, device etc.

Payment Data

The means of payment used tells us a lot about the reliability of the transaction and about the customer (valid card, customer's bank, etc.).

Customer historical Data

The information you hold is worth its weight in gold! Our added value: build a pre-score based on the information you have kept about your customers (or those of your partners).

Reporting Data

When you don't know anything about your (future) customer, we help you to select the discriminating information and above all to make the right decisions.

External data

Customers leave huge amounts of information on Internet. We collect and analyze them to see if it is consistent with what is reported to you. We also use "official", certified data.


Rules and Scoring

Rules are directives applied in different areas for limiting risks. Scores are statistical models that cross-check the data we have collected. They give a score that will be analyzed in a personalized way according to your customer profiles.

Machine Learning

With algorithms and machine power, scores are constantly improved after each new customer request "at the speed of light".

Web scraping

In order to run our digital identity scores, through the web we look for the data that your customers leave available to everyone. Webscraping is a tool that digs out data in milliseconds.

Data certification

Even if customers are more often honest, we believe it is useful to cross-reference our sources and have our data certified by a trusted third party.

Sometimes we use this certified data to prevent the customer from disclosing it. Our challenge: to make life easier for your customers!

Image intelligence

In a short period of time, image capture has evolved tremendously
We use advanced algorithms that allow intelligently data processing from the documents provided by customers in order to make the filling of the form faster.

From customer onboarding ... to delivery

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Use your data to create a customer pre-scores


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> Catch up with average clients
> Keep away the bad ones

Make your form dynamic
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