What is driving us

At Meelo, we believe that the customer experience will make the difference.

Fraudsters are an expensive minority and we have to be able to block them effectively and at the right time:
That's the frist job of Meelo.
The second one is to give to the clean customers the best welcome.

Our goal : Make your sales more secure allowing you to focus on your core business, with complete serenity.

Our history

2009 - 2016

In the beginning we were a small company, but we had a big heart!
In 2013, our life changes when we are chosen to create the first 100% dematerialized credit application for the Apple stores.


The reunion with one of the best French risk expert. We decide to work together, driven by the same desire to offer better experiences to customers in complete safety.


We created MEELO, a great it solution, data, process that finally reconciles fraud and business by delivering the best customer experiences.
We are proud because we are the most complete solution on the market that covers individuals and companies.


MEELO gets nice customers. The planets are aligned, the market is booming: Things are going well for us!

Our customers

Notre équipe d’experts

Experienced and always looking for innovation,
they provide cutting-edge solutions to deliver the ultimate customer experience and a strong defense against fraudsters.

Sometimes they speak with weird words (webscraping, rules engine, blockchain ...) as if they came from another planet. In fact, they are pragmatic, business- and customer-oriented: frighteningly efficient!

Scoring Expert


20 years of experience as data and risk management director (Cetelem, CACF, Cofidis) for all markets.     

Credit Expert


20 years experience in consumer credit in general management and partnership management (CACF, Cofidis)